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CMC2200 for Lithium Battery Thickening Agent


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 CMC2200 for Lithium Battery Thickening Agent 

Product Model: CMC2200
Product Characteristics: White or slightly yellow powder granules
Browning Temperature: Approximately 225℃
Blackening Temperature: Approximately 250℃

Product Advantages and Functions:
Low NaCl content, high product purity, narrow molecular weight distribution.
Excellent hydrophilicity.
Minimal viscosity changes with time after solution placement.
Good transparency and flow properties of product water solutions.
Excellent emulsifying dispersibility and solid dispersibility.
Uniform substitution, stable viscosity, strong bonding force.
Various models available (classified according to degree of substitution and viscosity).
Requires less addition compared to other company products.

Usage Recommendations:
Slowly add CMC2200 to water with moderate stirring.
Pre-disperse CMC2200 in a solvent soluble in water (such as ethanol, glycerol, etc.), then slowly add to water with moderate stirring (recommended, as this method dissolves quickly).
If other powdered additives need to be added to the solution, mix the additives with CMC2200 uniformly before adding water for dissolution.
Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature in a dry place.


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