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High Flame-Resistant Preoxidized Fiber


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High Flame-Resistant Preoxidized Fiber



Preoxidized fiber or preoxidized silk is made from polypropylene resin and undergoes high-temperature heat stabilization treatment.

Carbon fibers have high axial strength and modulus, good fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent corrosion resistance, and low fiber density. Carbon fiber-reinforced composites can be used for aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding and electrical insulating materials, artificial ligaments and body substitute materials, as well as for manufacturing rocket casings, motorboats, industrial robots, automobile leaf springs, and drive shafts, among other applications. Carbon fiber is used in civil, architectural, chemical, industrial, aerospace, and other fields.

It has high flame resistance, with a limiting oxygen index greater than 45%. It exhibits excellent heat stability, with the fiber not melting, softening, shrinking, or dripping during combustion. It is classified as a quasi non-flammable product and offers good heat insulation, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and radiation resistance. It also possesses suitable textile processing properties, with lightweight, soft, and good water absorption characteristics.

Preoxidized fiber felt is made from polypropylene resin raw silk, which is subjected to high-temperature treatment at 250-280°C. It has a thickness ranging from 1.5-15mm. It is an ideal outer protective layer for people and objects that need to be kept away from heat sources. Preoxidized fiber felt is flame-resistant, does not age or shrink even when working continuously at 300 degrees Celsius, and does not burn at 1000 degrees Celsius.

Preoxidized Fiber

Preoxidized Fiber

Preoxidized Fiber

Preoxidized Fiber

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