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High Purity Silver Metal Foam Ag Metal Foam With Super Sterilization Function


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High Purity Silver Metal Foam Ag Metal Foam With Super Sterilization Function

Main feature
1) silver foam has excellent thermal conductivity and can be widely used for heat conduction and heat dissipation of motors/electrical appliances and electronic components
2) silver foam has good electrical conductivity, and its application in nickel-zinc batteries and electrical double-layer capacitors is also being valued by the industry
3) Due to the structural characteristics of silver foam and its basically harmless characteristics to the human body, silver foam is also an excellent medical filter material and water purification filter material.

Application areas:

1. Excellent bactericidal efficacy: due to the fact that the composition of silver foam is basically harmless to human organisms, its porous structure is an excellent filter material for biomedicine and water purification treatment; silver is a natural powerful antibiotic without any side effects. It can be combined with oxygen and oxidized to break the biofilm in water. It can be combined with hydrogen peroxide to completely eradicate viruses such as Legionella. The silver with a purity of 99.99% is made into a foam mesh type. The contact amount of silver and water is increased. Bactericidal efficacy.

◎Installed on the shower: used in the bath, it can protect the skin from various bacteria, such as eczema, skin allergies and skin diseases caused by various bacteria. It is suitable for hydrating dry and deteriorating skin, and is very effective for sensitive skin and children's skin and skin after shaving. Removes lotions, bacteria, etc. from the hair and scalp to protect a healthy scalp and supple fur for a long time.

◎Installed on the washing machine: Silver ions can cover the clothes, kill bacteria and mold, and strengthen the washing machine's own cleaning ability.

◎Installed on the bathtub: Its disinfection and sterilization effect has special effects on women and children.

◎Installed on the sink: Used in the sink, it can clean fruits, vegetables, dishes, cutting boards, dish towels, etc., and has a strong sterilization effect. It can wash off the residual lotion on the tableware and the residual pesticide on the agricultural products to ensure a healthy and safe eating environment.

@foam silver dressing: If a child's face is scalded to death, foam silver dressing has a strong bactericidal effect.

2. Petrochemical catalyst: Foamed silver has a large specific surface area. In many organic chemical reactions, it can be used as a chemical reaction catalyst, such as methanol oxidation to formaldehyde, ethanol oxidation to acetaldehyde and other aldehyde preparations

  Silver catalysts are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Silver foam is a new type of functional material with high porosity, large specific surface area and good permeability. Using it as a catalyst has the advantages of high activity, good stability and good selectivity. It is an ideal substitute for existing silver catalysts. By. It is also used in the production of formaldehyde to replace traditional electrolytic silver and pumice silver catalysts. The research results show that the selectivity of the foamed silver catalyst is as high as 90~96%, which is 2~5% higher than that of the traditional electrolytic silver catalyst, and 5~7% higher than that of commercial pumice silver with a mass fraction of 40%, and the service life can reach more than 1 year. .


Applicable for Conductive Electrode Substrate.

Pore size: 100 microns
color: White
Thickness: 0.1-1mm
Porosity: 50%-60%
Bulk density: 0.1-0.8g/cm3


1.0mm (can be customized)







Net Weight


Specific Surface area

≥10 square / g

Tensile Strength Lengthwise≥1.25N/mm^2; Widthwise≥1.00N/mm^2

Reference dimensions









The size can be customized

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Ag Foam

Ag Metal foam

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