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High Temperature and Corrosion Resistant Carbon Metal Foam Carbon Metallic Foam


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High Temperature and Corrosion Resistant Carbon Metal Foam Carbon Metallic Foam

The main uses of carbon foam are:
LED lamp heat dissipation material, battery electrode and fuel cell electrode, optical workbench and light body lens, propellant nozzle, light antenna, joint of cabin partition, baffle plate of rocket jet shock wave, stealth material, light armor, composite material processing, brake pad, anti extrusion ring warehouse of automobile, structural isolation plate, high temperature insulation, waste gas and wastewater treatment material, catalyst carrier, etc
Application of carbon foam in LED lamps:
One of the most important characteristics of foamed carbon is the high thermal conductivity under low density. Compared with conventional heat capacity materials, such as copper and aluminum, the specific thermal conductivity of carbon foam is 7 times higher than that of conventional carbon foam. In addition, the foam carbon has relatively low thermal expansion coefficient and stable size, so it is suitable for high temperature working conditions. Moreover, the structure of the cross-linked reticulated structure determined by foam carbon is isotropic to thermal diffusion. After graphitization, the thermal conductivity of the foam carbon is very high in the range of 50~200W/M.K. The thermal conductivity of foam carbon is obviously different in different directions. Comparing the thermal conductivity of two orthogonal directions, the thermal conductivity perpendicular to the XY plane is 3.5 times that of the XY plane under all temperature conditions.
The thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of carbon foam materials are applied to heat dissipation materials such as LED lamps and computer chips.
The light efficiency of commercial high-power LED is only 15% ~ 30%, and most of the rest energy is converted into heat energy. If the heat energy cannot be effectively discharged, it will lead to serious consequences. High temperature will reduce the luminous flux and luminous efficiency of LED, cause red shift and color deviation of light wave, and cause adverse phenomena such as device aging. The most important thing is that it will reduce the service life of LED exponentially. According to the data, the service life of LED will be reduced by about half every 10 ℃ increase in temperature. The high specific heat capacity, porous and open characteristics of the foam carbon make the thermal diffusivity accelerate, which can greatly extend the service life of LED.

Basic properties of carbon foam:
1. Low density, high strength
2. It can be made into high thermal conductivity material or low thermal conductivity material
3. It has good thermal shock resistance and can resist the impact of temperature drastic change of 1 250 ℃
4. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
5. The pore diameter can be foamed according to the requirements of customers
6, good processing performance, can be used to bond various kinds of common adhesives, so that carbon foam block is not restricted, and more easily formed complex structure, the surface of the carbon foam can be plated metal materials.
7. Material design can be flexible. The performance design can be changed in a wide range, and the performance of the foam carbon can be achieved by engineering methods to meet the needs of different density, hole and hole connection.

Technical indicators:
Density: 0.2 ~ 1.0g/cm3
Void ratio: 30 ~ 80%
Aperture: 0.01 ~ 6mm
Compressive strength: 8 ~ 12MPa
Compression modulus: 300 ~ 620MPa
Tensile strength: 2 ~ 5MPa
Tensile modulus: 300 ~ 500MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 5.0ppm / ℃
Thermal conductivity: 25 ~ 80W / m.k
Resistivity: 1.0 × 10﹣2~10﹣5  Ω·m
Maximum operating temperature: 600 ℃ (in air), 3000 ℃ (in inert gas)

Reference dimensions











8 to 10mm*20mm*300mm

The size can be customized

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