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RVC Carbon Foam Open Cell Carbon Foam Carbon Material


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RVC Carbon Foam Open Cell Carbon Foam Carbon Material


Carbon foam has been developed for decades. Due to its low density and high thermal conductivity, it has been widely used in many fields.Such as high temperature heat capacity material, porous electrode, catalyst carrier, filter, support material. In foreign countries, there have been many researches on carbon foam, including its microstructure, mechanical properties and thermal properties.Our company is the first domestic developed foam carbon (coal based, asphalt based, mixed base) developed by high temperature physical foaming method, used in battery electrodes and electronic components heat dissipating materials and other industries to fill the gap in China. The graphite foam material developed abroad by American Oak Ridge National Laboratory is also developed from asphalt raw materials.
Technical indicators:

1. Low density, high strength
2. It can be made into high or low thermal conductivity materials
3. It has good thermal shock resistance and can resist the shock of temperature sudden change of 1 250 ℃
4. High temperature and corrosion resistance
5. Pore size can be foamed according to customer's requirements
6, the processing performance is good, can use all kinds of common adhesives to bond, so that the carbon foam block is not restricted, and more easily formed a complex structure, on the surface of the carbon foam can be plated metal materials.
7. Flexible material design. The performance design can be changed in a wide range, and the performance of the foam carbon can be achieved by engineering methods to meet the needs of different density, hole and hole connection.


0.2 ~ 1.0g/cm3 


 30 ~ 80%



Compressive strength: 


Compression modulus: 


Tensile strength:


Tensile modulus:

 300 ~ 500MPa 

thermal expansion coefficient:

 5.0ppm / ℃


1.0 × 10-2 ~ 10-5 Ω· M

Maximum operating temperature:

 600 ℃ (in air), 3000 ℃ (in inert gas)

0.5(100x100)mm 0.7(100x100)mm 0.8(100x100)mm 0.9(100x100)mm
1(100x100)mm 1.5(100x100)mm 2(100x100)mm 2.1(100x100)mm
2.2(100x100)mm 2.3(100x100)mm 2.4(100x100)mm 2.5(100x100)mm
2.6(100x100)mm 2.7(100x100)mm Or other customized size  

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