Gallium oxide Ga2O3 single crystal substrate

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Ga2O3 substrate

Gallium oxide (Ga2O3) single crystal is a wide-bandgap semiconductor material.  Gallium oxide (Ga2O3) has broad application prospects in optoelectronic devices, it used as an insulating layer for Ga-based semiconductor materials, and as an ultraviolet filter.
There are five crystalline phases of Ga2O3, but beta-Ga2O3 is the only one that can exist stably at high temperature. β-Ga2O3 is a new type of ultra-wide bandgap transparent semiconductor material with a forbidden band width of about Eg=4.8 eV, which suitable for manufacturing high power vertical structure power devices with high current density. It has application prospects in the fields of ultraviolet detectors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and gas sensors.

 Gallium oxide, Ga2O3 single crystal 2inch substrates 10*15mm substrates
Orientation (-201) (-201) (-201) (010) (010) (010)
Dopant Sn Un-doped Sn Sn Un-doped Fe
Conductivity n-type n-type n-type n-type n-type Insulation(>1010
Nd-Na(cm-3) 5E17~9E18 5E17 or less 5E17~9E18 1E18~9E18 1E17~5E17 -
Dimentions A-B(mm) 50.8±0.3 50.8±0.3 15±0.3 15±0.3 15±0.3 15±0.3
C-D(mm) 41~49.8 41~49.8 10±0.3 10±0.3 10±0.3 10±0.3
Thickness 0.68±0.02 0.68±0.02 0.68±0.02 0.5±0.02 0.5±0.02 0.5±0.02
Reference(m Fig.1 Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.3 Fig.3
Offset angle
[010]:0±0.4 [010]:0±0.4 [010]:0±0.4 丄[102]:0±1 丄[102]:0±1 丄[102]:0±1
[102]:0.7±0.4 [102]:0.7±0.4 [102]:0.7±0.4 [102]:0±1 [102]:0±1 [102]:0±1
FWHM(arcsec) [010]:150 or less [010]:150 or less [010]:150 or less 丄[102]:150 or 丄[102]:150 or 丄[102]:150 or
[102]:150 or less [102]:150 or less [102]:150 or less [102]:150 or less [102]:150 or less [102]:150 or less
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Ga2O3 crystal

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