Lithium gallate LiGaO2 single crystal substrate

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Lithium gallate LiGaO2 single crystal substrate

Lithium gallate LiGaO2 single crystal substrate have a very good lattice matching for GaN (mismatch < 0.2%), and are chemically stable at high temperatures and low in cost , thus becoming a potential III-V Nitride thin film substrate material.
Lithium gallate(LiGaO2 ) and lithium aluminate(LiAlO2) single crystal are the best substrate materials for matching with GaN epitaxial films. GaN films are the basis for the current production of blue, violet, ultraviolet light-emitting diodes and solid-state white light sources.

The main performance parameters

Product Name:

LiGaO2 single crystal substrate

Growth method

Czochralski method

Crystal Structure :

Orthogonal system

Lattice constant:

a=5.406 Å b=5.012 Å c=6.379 Å

Melting point:

1600 ℃



Mohs hardness



 <100>, <001>

Standard Size

10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm


Single side polished or Double side polished


class-100 clean bag, in class-1000 clean room


LiGaO2 substrate and GaN film are well matched, and can obtain a good gallium nitride film

LiGaO2 substrate

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