Quartz SiO2 Gallium Oxide Wafer Crystal Substrate

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Quartz SiO2 Gallium Oxide Wafer Crystal Substrate

Quartz crystals are grown in an autoclave by hydrothermal method and have both Levo and Dextral shape.

Quartz crystals are used in electronics, precision optics and laser technology, optical communications, X-ray optics, and pressure sensors, due to its piezoelectric properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent mechanical and optical properties.

The main performance parameters

Product Name

Quartz single crystal substrate/wafer
SiO2 single crystal substrate/wafer

Growth method

Hydrothermal method

Crystal structure

Hexagonal crystal system

Lattice Constant

A=4.914 - a c=5.405 - A

Melting point

1610℃ (phase transition point: 573.1 ℃)


2.684 g/cm3

Mohs Hardness


Heat Capacity

0.18 cal/gm

Thermal conductivity

0.0033 cal/cm ℃

Thermoelectric constant

1200 uv/℃  (300℃)

Refractive index


The coefficient of thermal expansion

α 11:13.71 * 106 ℃ / α 33:7.48 * 106 / ℃

The value of Q

1.8 x 106 Min

Sound velocity and table level

3160 (m/sec)

Constant frequency

1661 (kHz/mm)

Piezoelectric coupling

K2 (%) BAW: 0.65 SAW: 0.14

Polished surface

Bending: 3"<20um,  4" <30um
Primary orientation flat: 16mm(2-inch), 22mm(3-inch), 32mm(4-inch), 


Standard Specification
Product Name Orientation Standard Size Thickness Polishing  
Quartz single crystal substrate X-cut ±0.5°
Y-cut ±0.5°
Z-cut ±0.5°
AT-cut ±0.5°
ST-cut ±0.5°
Or other off-angle
φ2" x 0.5mm
φ3" x 0.5mm
φ4" x 1.0mm
Or others
Or others
Fine ground
Single side polished
Double side polished

Roughness: Ra<5A(0.5nm)
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Quartz(SiO2) substrate

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